But whatever happened with him also made me who I am today. It has made me stronger than I ever was. Even though I had to see days darker than nights and go through pain worse than I ever could even imagine. The thing is, if you lose yourself, there are only two ways two go from there, one is to find that person back. The other is to let go of who you were completely. And I know the latter sounds scary, but it really isn’t, because maybe the new person that will take the place of the older you will be a better version of yourself, with not only a reflection of the past you, but also a collection of your experiences, your struggles, and all that you’ve been through, making you a stronger survivor in this scary world.

But I guess that faith takes time to rebuild. Like the pieces of a puzzle, that come together slowly, but surely. But one day, you wake up, and the pain is lighter. They are not the first thing that you think about in the morning, and there are times when you are happy even in their absence. It comes with time, but it does. There are days where you wish more than anything that they could be with you, but trust me, if they were meant to be, they would have been. Maybe they left only to make place for someone who will never leave you, someone who will make all this pain worth handling. So no matter how much the pain and struggle and despair try to convince you that you lost the one you were supposed to be with, do not believe it. Cause you don’t deserve to be with someone who will leave you when things get difficult. Cause everything that is worth having, comes with trials worth withstanding.

Sometimes life takes people away from us, and maybe at that time it just doesn’t make any sort of sense, and the pain doesn’t let us see that perhaps it is for the best. We are so used to them, that we don’t realize that maybe our life is better without them, or that maybe down the road, someone better is meant to take their place. But you know what? Making sense of it is really not important, because sometimes things just happen because they have to. Now whether its is all a part of the bigger picture or not, you can’t say, but the one thing that you should know is that if it’s meant to be, it will be, so the best you can do, is to let go, and just let life happen, and take you along with it as it does.


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