In The Eye Of The Beholder

I just read an article, ‘The guide to life, by a realist’. It highlighted all of the cruel, unjust truths of life and the world we live in, in a very sarcastic and satirical tone. Reading it, just made me wonder, if life is so harsh, so full of struggles and unhappiness and selfishness, then what is the point of anything? And apart from these more practical points, emotionally too, people just seem to struggle so much. It’s like we are always in a hurry to get to a place, but we don’t even know where. Then what is the truth, in the claim of all these writers and motivational speakers that life is beautiful and happiness is within us and life indeed, is worth living?

For instance, take hope. Hope gets us through the toughest of times. That’s true. But isn’t it also true, that hope creates illusions, illusions of a better time, which may never come? And then when these illusions break, it hurts us more than what we would have been if we had never been promised a larger picture, or the so-called ‘long run’.

Then I thought about it. And I realized that yes, people are selfish. Stereotypes do exist. So do bad people. The world is indeed not the beautiful Noah’s Ark or a happy place with nice people that we used to see, with childhood blindfolding our eyes with innocence.

But if bad people exist, so do good ones. For one person that breaks us, we have ten friends who help us along and rebuild us. For that one bully, we have ten people standing with us against him. For those terrorists out there killing hundreds, there are also so many on the border, sacrificing everything so we can lead a normal life. What really matters is, perception. What we choose to see, what we choose to believe. Life is a mix of both, the good and the bad. Its is not black and white. It has shades of gray. What matters is what we choose to see, the good in the bad, or the bad in the good. The white in the black, or the black in the white. Its the simple matter of believing. Magic is hidden everywhere, but those who don’t believe in it, will never find it.

The same is the thing with hope. It may create illusions, but it is what keeps us going. And if we don’t keep on going, then what are we doing anyway? It is the thing that makes us believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And when we reach the end, and see that there is no light, it is what makes us search for another end, the faith that the light is out there. And what if we never find the light? Well, it sure beats the hell out of saying still in the darkness.

As far as happiness lying within us is concerned, I read a beautiful thing once. That a blind person, knows how to smile, even though he has never seen anyone else doing so. So it is true, happiness is deep-rooted within us, no one can give it to us.

So even if we are surrounded by stereotypes and cruelty and injustice, we are also surrounded by love, and care, and small pleasures and people who would do anything for us. It just depends on what we focus on, the dough-nut, or the hole. Beauty as they say, lies in the eye of the beholder.


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